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Intermediate class with coach Dinh

  • 6 weeks of looping blocking and pushing,

  • 12 sessions, 1.5 hours each

  • up to 6 people

  • $399 per person




Session 1

Looping, blocking and pushing concepts.  Practice Looping

Session 2

Practice Looping and Blocking

Session 3

Pushing Practice, Looping Footwork

Session 4

Pushing Practice, Looping Footwork

Session 5

Pushing and Practice Looping

Session 6

Pushing Practice, Looping footwork


Session 7

Practice on Looping Blocking and pushing

Session 8

Practice looping

Session 9

Practice on Looping and Blocking and Pushing

Session 10

Applying Looping, blocking and pushing in a real game

Session 11

Practice on Looping, blocking pushing in games


Session 12

Trournament among students with Prizes

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